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The popularization of cannabidiol, or CBD, represents one of the most exciting developments in modern health and wellness. Once an overlooked treatment option, affordable and all-natural hemp-based CBD oil is rapidly becoming a popular alternative to expensive, synthetic pharmaceutical drugs with dangerous side effects and unpronounceable ingredients.

CBDintact is proud to be the premier choice for anyone looking to explore the life-improving benefits of CBD. Whether you’re a curious newbie or a long-time devotee, we want to help you enjoy a new level of health and happiness.

At our CBD store near Blakely, PA, customers can find a wide range of CBD products, from full-spectrum oil and edible gummies to cannabis facial cleanser and even animal-friendly pet treats! Best of all, free delivery is available to all customers within 15 miles of our location.

3 Health Benefits of CBD

It Relieves Pain and Inflammation

The human body is a complex machine made up of many different parts, and just like any machine, sometimes it needs maintenance to run smoothly. One major part of the human body is the endocannabinoid system, a network of receptors connecting to the brain and regulating the immune system.

When introduced into the body, the naturally occurring cannabinoids found in CBD stimulate these receptors, providing relief from both chronic and acute pain caused by sore muscles, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and more. What’s more, studies have shown that CBD products are effective in reducing neuropathic pain, which is widely considered among the hardest forms of pain to treat.

It Soothes Cancer and Seizure Symptoms

Living with cancer or a seizure disorder can be painful. Fortunately, just as with other forms of pain, CBD can help in that regard. However, that’s not the only way it can help those suffering from such conditions.

In some ways, cancer treatments like chemotherapy can be just as hard to deal with as the disease itself, causing vomiting and loss of appetite, among other issues. In addition to its pain-relieving properties though, CBD is known to soothe nausea and stimulate appetite. Additionally, research has found that CBD can decrease the frequency of seizures caused by certain kinds of epilepsy and tuberous sclerosis complex.

It Reduces Depression and Anxiety

Not all pain is physical, but that doesn’t make it any less difficult to deal with. Unlike many other treatment options, CBD is just as effective in treating mood disorders as it is treating inflamed joints and nerve dysfunction. This gives it a significant advantage over other forms of medicine, which often come with uncomfortable side effects and the danger of accidental overdose.

Meanwhile, the side effects of CBD are very few and extremely mild, and even in high doses, it’s non-toxic. For individuals struggling with depression and anxiety who have a hard time finding a pharmaceutical drug option that agrees with them or who would prefer to use an all-natural substance, CBD provides a promising alternative.

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For those living with pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, acne, or other issues, CBD oil might just be the treatment you’re looking for. It’s effective as it is versatile. That’s why CBDintact can offer such a diverse range of products. Need a fast-acting topical ointment? We have that. Need a discrete, slow-dissolving tablet? We have that, too.

All this and more can be found at our CBD store near Blakely, PA. Drop by today or call us for more information.